I am a self-taught photographer + videographer originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. Although I am now primarily located in Los Angeles, CA, I enjoy traveling frequently. Photography has always been very important to me. It reminds us to be appreciative, patient and respectful. Life is too short and uncertain to take for granted. Cherish and enjoy every second of it!

Recent Commercial Clients

Ruckus Apparel - Dyer & Jenkins Clothing - Electric & Rose - Sicky's World - Show Class Magazine - Feel Different Apparel - Julie K Lingerie - Ellen Ross Realty - Rollasole Shoes - Tripp Apparel - The Campbell Agency - Hypokrite Cosmetics - Stussy Clothing - Undefeated Clothing - Fruition Clothing - Paul Mitchell - Floyd's 99 Barbershops - Perry Rhodes Jewelry - Moddolls Clothing - Afekt Media - Modern Rebellion Clothing - IamVibes Clothing - Century Media Records - Closed Casket Records - Southern Lord Records - Body Republic HB - Stray Rats Clothing

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